Huntington Beach CA – The Stop Foreclosure Institute recently received a question from a homeowner facing foreclosure. I’ll call him Dave to protect his identity.

(Foreclosure is embarrassing and I don’t want to put his name out there.) Dave asked, “I haven’t made a house payment in a while. I’m just wondering how much longer it will be before I have to move out?”

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Here is the answer to Peter’s Question. It all depends on what his plans are and how tight he is on money.

Most people in foreclosure are at a disadvantage because they how the process works. Here is the answer to his question.

It all depends what on the state he is located in and whether or not his lender has started the foreclosure process. So the first thing you should do is find out if the foreclosure has been started.

You can do that by calling the courthouse in your county or town. for example, if you live in Orange County, then you would call the Orange County Courthouse. They will direct you to the correct person.

Once you find the correct people, ask them for the foreclosure department. Then, ask the clerk there how you can research if a foreclosure has been filed against you.

They will either direct you to a website, or look up the information on their computer. Here is why it is important to find out if the foreclosure has been started.

We have seen many lenders wait 8 months, 12 months, and sometimes even longer, to start the legal foreclosure process. Many of them are backed up and don’t have the staff in place to handle everything.

Once the foreclosure has been started you will want to see how far along it is. Every state handles foreclosure process differently. In addition, they all have different time periods for redemption.

Because of that, I would recommend you contact a competent Stop Foreclosure Institute Specialist in your area. I am the local specialist for Huntington Beach and Orange County, CA.

If you are located in Southern California and want more information on the status of your foreclosure, then send me an e-mail at I will contact you for a free consultation. Or, if you prefer, then you can call me at 714-334-7808.

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