huntington beach pier
The Huntington Beach Pier extends over 1800 feet into the beautiful Pacific

The Huntington Beach Pier is located at the intersection of Pacific Coast Highway and Main Street in Huntington Beach California. Over 100 years old (replaced three times), the Huntington Beach Pier is the most visited landmark in all of Huntington Beach.

The Pier extends 1,852 feet into the beautiful Pacific Ocean and includes Tower Zero (a state of the art lifeguard tower), a kite, bait and souvenir shop and a Ruby’s Diner at the end of the pier.

The Huntington Beach Pier offers some of the most stunning and scenic views in Orange County. From the Pier, one can see Catalina (22 miles off shore), San Pedro, Newport Beach, and all of Huntington Beach. Don’t hesitate to sit down and enjoy a sunset from the one of the many incredibly vantage points the pier offers.

Each May, the Pier hosts it’s annual “Duck-a-Thon” in which ducks are sold to contestants who assign a name to the duck. The ducks are then dumped off the end of the pier and drift ashore. The first of the arrivals win a prize.

Whether its your first time to the Pier of your hundreth, the Huntington Beach pier always offers a unique and enjoyable experience for everyone!