The mindset of the seller who has lived in his or her home for many years, is often clouted by the many memories and emotions involved with that experience. Though these emotions are perfectly normal, they oftentimes can hinder the homeowner when it comes time to present the home to prospectives buyers.

It is important to look at your house as if it belongs to someone else. The first step in this process is to depersonalize your living space. If you are already planning to move out, packing much of the personal effects that range upon your walls, mantles and counter spaces will help create a more show-able space to your prospective buyers.

The second step is to declutter all the rooms in your house. By decluttering, you create a much more presentable and comfortable space for buyers. Though that clutter may be comfortable and familiar to you, it can easily be a turn off for buyers.

Finally, the last step is to correct those easy problems -that as a long-time homeowner you probably barely notice. This includes repainting areas in the house, putting in circuit protectors, smoke detectors, cover plates, and caulking kitchen and restroom sinks. These are the most cost affective ways to make your home much more showable.

As always, the Hunthausen Group is here to help. It is our goal to make sure your home is in the most sell-able conditions when it comes time to move out.